TPB responds to a consumers’ inquiry


TPB responds to a consumers’ inquiry

We have received a lot of inquiries relating to the differences of TPB worktops with regard to the rest of the gres-ceramic worktops.

Chiefly, the two main differences are:

The first difference is that TPB is very resistant to the impact (We have made several tests dropping a steel ball of 500 gr on the worktop from 80 cm height and TPB resists without breaking. This test is equivalent to the fall or slip of a bottle, saucepan, etc.)

For TPB it is important to clarify that TPB is very resistant but ...! it is not indestructible!

The second difference is that TPB really holds high temperature (our guarantee covers up to 180 degrees Celsius). (No gres-ceramic surface by itself has this property). Precisely on today ROBIN FOOD’s TV Kitchen Show, the chef Martin Berasategui removes the baking sheet from the oven and puts it directly on one of the TPB worktops.

Fruit of the evolution TPB tech has been developed (worktop in which the classic glass of the hob disappears unifying both zones of working and cooking. The first worktop on you can cook.

All that is possible due to TPB supports its first ceramic sheet with other materials which allow obtaining these mentioned properties (see image of sheets).

Whether thickness of the ceramic sheet is 1-1,2 or 3 mm does not imply more resistance. The ceramic by itself does not accomplish these two properties.