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INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE SILICOSIS (INS - National Institute of Silicosis) was founded in 1970 as a health body belonging to the social security department, and it was declared a Special Centre for Social Security in 1974, and recognised as a national reference body for respiratory diseases caused by working conditions in1991, by the Federal Commission of the National Health Service. The activities of the INS are linked to its mission, which focuses on technical and medical prevention, teaching, investigation and consultancy on silicosis and other pneumoconiosis, as well as other activities related to the health of miners.

The laboratory of the Technical Department of the INS has issued certification for the product TPB TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA, certifying that in the experiments carried out on this product, they have detected no cristobalite or tridymite, which are the varieties most likely to cause silicosis and most dangerous.

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Technological partner that has carried out tests and issued certifications for the TPB® product.

Global technical reference for evaluation of conformity, specifically for engineering of the product/process.

LGAI Technological Center has tested and certified the specification of the resistance to bending, compression and impact for TPB®.

TPB® has also been tested and certified for its apparent density and water absorption, resistance to heat shock, Mohs hardness, resistance to abrasion, resistance to slipping and absorption of water by boiling, among other tests.

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Materials ConneXion Library

TPB-TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA is part of the Materials ConneXion Library and database, the most extensive research center for innovative materials with facilities in New York, Milan, Cologne, Bangkok and Daegu.

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TPB obtains maximum classification A+ in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) evaluation